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A team of registered migration experts help you with the best paths for you to take should you wish to work in or migrate to Australia.

Few reason to choose Argus Education

Argus Education Services is a study and career consulting firm. As a provider of counseling services to students, We assist them in making informed decisions about their education and career paths. We also help individuals navigate the process of relocating to different countries for various purposes, such as work or study.

Educational Counseling

Assisting students in selecting suitable courses and educational institutions based on their interests, academic background, and career goals.

Career Counseling

Providing guidance and support to students in identifying their strengths, interests, and career options.

Appllication Assistance

Helping students with the application process for universities, colleges, and other educational institutions.

Pre-Departure Service

Student information and resources to prepare to study abroad, guidance on accommodation, travel arrangements, and so on.

Visa & Immigration Services

Assisting individuals with the visa application process and providing guidance on immigration requirements.

Student Health Insurance

Guard your well-being with student health insurance – a safety net for your academic journey.

Student Accomodation

Discover comfortable student accommodation, creating a home for your academic journey and memorable college experience.

Popular Courses

Explore in-demand, popular courses for a rewarding education and future career growth. Your success begins here.



At Argus Education, all our consultants and experts are PIER registered which shows our clients are in good hands. We understand your language and make you feel comfortable as like home. We served more than 3500+ clients with a positive success rate.

Expert Guidance

High Visa Success Rate

50 + Partner Institute

End to End Service

What Argus Education Offer to Students

Information Technology

Be part of the IT revolution and develop systems that keep the world connected.

Business Commerce & Management

Lead at work, and learn to run your own business someday with essential skills.

Food & Hospitality

Lead in hospitality. Gain skills to manage your own culinary venture. Embrace a tasteful future.


Lead in education. Acquire skills to inspire minds. Shape the future as an educator.


Lead in engineering. Acquire skills to innovate solutions. Engineer a future of endless possibilities.

Humanities & Social Science

Lead in humanities. Acquire skills to understand societies. Shape a compassionate future with social sciences.

Health & Allied Health

Lead in healthcare. Acquire skills to excel in health sector. Care for a compassionate career.

Architecture & Building

Craft inspiring spaces. Design the future. Shape communities with architecture and building expertise.

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